Spring Has Sprung

I’ve had my eye on this tree as I start out each morning. During this interminable winter it seemed stuck in deep hibernation, occasionally festooned with a lacey snowy coat. Eventually I was… Continue reading

All I’ve got is this sunny afternoon

And I love to live so pleasantly Live this life of luxury Lazing on a sunny afternoon Sunny Afternoon—The Kinks At last —a sunny day in New York. Keeping with our iPhone versus… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

The threshold where public space meets private space exists everywhere, from the doors of Timbuktu to the entrances of Italy. This transition is often the owner’s first chance to introduce themselves. In Puglia, a slightly less trampled-by-tourists corner… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life, Sudan

This street life series was taken during the golden hour in Sudan as people make their way home at the end of the the day. The light at this time gives a magic to… Continue reading

Mali—Working the Desert Shift

During my time in Timbuktu, I spent a few days in the desert in the north-west of Mali. A Google image search of “life in the Sahara” brings up the romantic: photos of camel… Continue reading

Timbuktu: Doors Of Perception

What is it about doors and windows that make them irresistible to a photographer? Is it because is they are universal to every culture? No matter how rich or poor, hot or cold,… Continue reading

All The Way To Timbuktu

Timbuktu is a name synonymous with the most distant place imaginable. Unfortunately its evocative name has most recently been linked to tragedy. In April 2012, Timbuktu—a historic and prominent center for Islamic scholars and… Continue reading

Our First Century: Lessons from 100 posts

When we began this blog, we had doubts about our ability to sustain it. Now we have hit the century, so with a glance over our shoulders, here is our guide to the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Perspective

This week’s photo challenge, “Perspective”, takes us to Sevare, Mali.  An old pedal Janome sewing machine glistens in the sun. At a second glance, a Togolese soldier serving in Mali with international forces… Continue reading

Off The Hook

And now a small tribute to the payphone, a contemporary artifact. These old school hefty beasts gave us the expression “off the hook” from the dangling handsets indicating to passersby that they’re out of… Continue reading