Scotland—Signs o’ the Times

As Scotland turns out today to vote on the historic referendum for Scottish independence, we bring you these signs of the times from our Scottish correspondents. With the polls showing an almost even Yes/No split,… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Rush hour, Grand Central Station, New York.   Taken from Grand Central Light   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Parting Shots—The Photographer’s Cut

Fashion Week is about business—serious business. There is also fun, energy and humour—both deliberate and accidental. We way farewell with our favourite shots from the week that capture the fun side of the “scene” away… Continue reading

Head to Toe

The devil is in the details at New York’s Fashion Week.  Hair, jewelry and shoes—each is a wearable art form which lasts somewhere between the morning shower and next year. But before you take… Continue reading

Girls On Film: Photographers

New York’s Fashion Week is winding down. Today, instead of the women in front of the camera we turn our lenses on the women who take the images that populate the blogosphere.  As the our shots… Continue reading

New York Fashion Week ’14—Featured: Men

Where The Boys Are New York’s Fashion Week enjoyed the second day of the weekend. Yesterday, we focused on women. Today, it’s the men’s turn, clothing for work and play—and beyond. Ties and jackets… Continue reading

New York Fashion Week ’14—Featured: Colour

New York’s Fashion Week gained an extra gear as the Saturday crowd kicked in. This the best visual smorgasbord going and it is hard to resist the all you can shoot buffet. Yesterday… Continue reading

New York Fashion Week ’14—Featured: Black and White

New York’s Fashion Week at Lincoln Center is a full on spectacle; part international fashion event, part crazy street theatre. Inside the venue, the adults determine the next year of a global multi-billion dollar… Continue reading

New York Fashion Week—LBD Meets NYPD

For a certain crowd, September IS New York Fashion Week. Abuzz with bloggers, oglers and photographers, Lincoln Center swaps opera for sartorial spectacle. With this media circus set up in our (metaphorical) backyard, we can’t resist… Continue reading

Highland Fling

“The region of Sutherland and Assynt has some of the most isolated and breathtaking coastlines of mainland Scotland,” says Anthony Tappe, an American living and raising his family in Edinburgh. A trained architect, and a painter… Continue reading