Fall Training

Being a New Englander in New York means having an intimate knowledge of I-95, the Chinatown Bus, and, now that we can stretch to it, the train. The best part of the journey (and… Continue reading

Doing More With Less

Following a minimalist theme, we bring you our latest iPhone v camera bout. The focus is on line and a limited palette.   iPhone:     Weekly Photo Challenge: Minimal

Down the Up Staircase

Brooklyn Museum, 2014   See other image responses to the word “descent” here.  

Profile In Style

One photo, two crops. Cropping can enhance or detract from a photograph. Which do you prefer? Taken at NYC Fashion Week.

Double Fantasy

Do you remember your favorite album’s cover art? How about making playlists for that special someone or road trip? What if you combined the two and made the perfect playlist with cover art… Continue reading

A Little Gratitude In Hell’s Kitchen

Recently I was given a task by a long-lost friend found via Facebook: list three things that you’re grateful for every day for a week. This would also give her a peek into my daily life,… Continue reading

Wall of windows

Weak winter light makes Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone’s installation of 52 coloured mirror glass windows glow. Taken at the Boston ICA, November 2009. In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

Bridge of Sighs

  We love shooting the same thing over and over again in different conditions. Check out our friendly neighborhood tree weathering the seasons in Spring Has Sprung.     In response to the Weekly… Continue reading

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Tuesday afternoon, Sarajevo—stray dogs sleep in the shade of Saraci Street. We were first drawn to Sarajevo’s street dogs because they seem to come in two flavors: massive and shaggy like St Bernards… Continue reading

Sarajevo Shop Fronts

In the narrow streets of Sarajevo’s Old Town, the brilliant fall light showcased the shops and their wares. In Timbuktu and Italy doorways caught our eye. Windows in  Switzerland and Gloucester reflected the respective cultures. In Sarajevo… Continue reading