Up Close and Personal

This wee beastie inspired an up close and personal iPhone vs Camera challenge. The shallow depth of field and the macro ability of the Ricoh GRD4 pull this portrait into sharp focus. Using the… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Beach detritus: Bottle top, a 20th century relic. Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

By Dawn’s Early Light

Getting up to shoot the sunrise always sounds like such a great idea. Until the alarm goes off. Today Mr DW used his Nikon D300 and Ricoh GRD4. Mrs. DW used her trusty phone… Continue reading

Double Vision, Gloucester, MA

I can’t resist a window series.  For almost 400 years Gloucester’s livelihood has been fishing. Now that’s all but gone and it’s in the process of reinventing itself. Walking through the downtown the windows… Continue reading


The Fishtown Horribles

The Fishtown Horribles parade is Gloucester, MA’s 4th of July celebration in its own inimitable style. Fishtown style. Growing up, when Gloucester was more of a “drinking town with a fishing problem”, the Horribles were,… Continue reading

A Family 4th, Gloucester, MA

The girls are ready for their close up as the guys sweat the details at this year’s Fishtown Horribles parade in Gloucester, MA. The Daily Prompt: It’s Your Party

In Amongst The Pohutukawa, NZ

Walk into a grove of Pohutukawa trees and you enter an enchanted forest. Both majestic and whimsical, these NZ natives conjure up images of Dr. Seuss’ Truffula trees or Tolkien’s Fanghorn forest, depending on your childhood literary leanings. This grove… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between

In a city where every inch counts, vest pocket parks, created from reclaimed lots, are micro oases. Between #254 and #258 West 71st Street, this nano sanctuary occupies the footprint of a 20-foot-wide brownstone condemned and demolished in… Continue reading

Your Moment of Zen, New Zealand

  Sometimes it’s not the beauty of a beach or coastline that soothes the soul, sometimes it’s just having it all to yourself. As we begin the frenetic summer beach season in the Northern Hemisphere,… Continue reading