Four Seasons in Four Corners of the Earth

Spring, Cyprus Summer, Indonesia Autumn, NZ Winter, NYC Wordless Wednesday

The Old Men and the Sea

Fishing remains a way of life in small Italian ports on the Adriatic Sea. In the early morning in Brindisi, fisherman return to port and work on their boats. The film has a yellow… Continue reading

Enveloped In Fog

  Fog The fog comes on little cat’s feet. It sits looking over harbor and city on silent haunches and then moves on. —Carl Sandburg In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo… Continue reading

We’re In The Monet

Wordless Wednesday, Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh  


Taken at the Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh.

Force Of Nature

A poppy pushes through a disused sidewalk at Nicosia’s abandoned airport. For more pictures of this ghostly airport go to our post, A Moment Frozen In Time. In response to The Daily Post’s weekly… Continue reading

Girls Just Want To Have Fun: iPhone v Camera

Celebrating friendship on wordless Wednesday. Lunch Break, Rotorua A&P Show, NZ —iPhone Biker Girls, Brindisi, Italy—Leica M9  

Tattoo You

A tattoo once signaled an edgy image: disaffected, alienated, employees of fringe occupations or the armed forces. Now worn by dignitaries (Caroline Kennedy) and conservatives (Samantha Cameron), these badges of self-expression and creativity are firmly mainstream.… Continue reading

Trulli Intricate: The Roofs of Alberobello

The dry stone work of the trullo houses in Puglia in the heel of Italy’s boot make gorgeous intricate patterns. The trulli’s sensual curves and unpredictable rhythms proved irresistible to a photographer; a… Continue reading

Poetry In Motion

Another edit of the horses on the beach the Horsing Around shoot. In response to “Motion“