Cemeteries are juxtapositions: places where time has ceased to matter to those who are there, but places where time is very clearly marked and important to those who visit. Māori consider that… Continue reading

All Washed Up

The tail end of Cyclone Victor blew over New Zealand last week “dragging its bottom across the country like a dirty old dog with worms drags its bottom across the carpet” to quote… Continue reading

Thought Patterns

I love using the camera roll on my phone as a visual diary, but what I find fascinating is when it reveals un (or perhaps sub?) conscious patterns or themes. Last evening I seem… Continue reading

Evening walkabout, NZ

Apologies as we’ve neglected our blog due to holiday madness followed by annual home leave. Here we pick up again with an offering featuring the editing app, PhotoToaster. Thanks for hanging in there… Continue reading

‘Twas The Night Before Christmas…

New York is full of surprises. Our favorite type of surprise is when the city reveals its softer side. One of the softest sides of the city comes out at theClement Clarke Moore… Continue reading

Un-Seasonal Gatherings

Winter With “gathering” as a prompt, we decided to turn the challenge upside down. A snowstorm turned New York into a winter wonderland a few years ago, gathering the apartment-bound residents into one… Continue reading

The Spy Who Came in for a Snit

As a Balkans enthusiast, there can be few better ways to spend a weekend than staying in Belgrade’s landmark hotel reading classic spy novels by Eric Ambler. It is easy to imagine evil deeds being… Continue reading

Central Park Gold: iPhone vs. Camera

“The blue sky peeks at me quite far away Through the warm golden yellow autumn trees They look like gold placed against the blue day” From Golden Yellow Trees by Russell Sivey.  


Three heads are better than one.   Trio

Victory in Cyprus: The Walkdown

The Walkdown is a marathon distance orienteering race in Cyprus organized by the JSSU ( British Army’s Joint Service Signal Organization). Starting at the highest point on the island, Mount Olympus (6000ft), it finishes… Continue reading