Central Park Gold: iPhone vs. Camera

“The blue sky peeks at me quite far away Through the warm golden yellow autumn trees They look like gold placed against the blue day” From Golden Yellow Trees by Russell Sivey.  


Three heads are better than one.   Trio

Victory in Cyprus: The Walkdown

The Walkdown is a marathon distance orienteering race in Cyprus organized by the JSSU ( British Army’s Joint Service Signal Organization). Starting at the highest point on the island, Mount Olympus (6000ft), it finishes… Continue reading

Belgian Dark—Wordless Wednesday

Belgian Boot Camp

If it wasn’t for the long queue at the Victor Horta museum, I never would have noticed the lowly Brussels décrottoir or boot-scrape.  A quick trip to Brussels combined with a New Yorker’s nosiness for checking out… Continue reading

Halloween Leaves New York Stoop-ified!

Happy Halloween!

Twilight Treat

We happened on this open air dance rehearsal in Riverside Park as the sun was setting. An unexpected treat! In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Treat.”

Because It’s Mined, I Walk The Line – WPC “Careful”

For this week’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful“, we could only think of reprising this post  from back when a day in the office was literally negotiating a mine field. I recently unearthed an old… Continue reading

Shape and shadow

As the seasons change, the slanting light from the lower sun spotlights form and colour.  Shot with Leica M9 and Nikon D300.

Street Furniture

Street furniture is industry jargon for bus shelters, park benches, street lights, trash cans, mail boxes—any object or piece of equipment for public use. On bulk pick-up days in the city, street furniture is a literal… Continue reading