A Lovely Lunch in Leith(ish)


Doublewhirler loves to eat. So when a chance to try out a relaunch of a seaside pub presented itself on a recent visit to Scotland we couldn’t say no. The Old Chain Pier sits right on the Firth of Forth in the suburb of Newhaven just west of Leith in Edinburgh. 

With its proximity to the water it only made sense to try the seafood. The scallops atop black pudding with a sweet pea puree were fresh and the ingredients let us know that we were back in Scotland.

A smokey haddock chowder, grilled chicken and a spicey bean burger for our vegetarian friend were also delicious. The service was attentive and friendly, but even more remarkable as they loved our companion, a golden retriever named Bonnie, treating her to their own doggie biscuits and fetching her a big bowl of water. We could have lingered all afternoon staring at the hypnotic panoramic view the Old Chain Pier affords.