Cyprus—It Takes A Village


A few years ago a job opportunity beckoned and we traded in our small crowded island for a small quiet island in the Levant—closer to Syria, Lebanon and Turkey than to the European Union. Like most people our knowledge of all things Cypriot was scanty other than the division of the island after the Turkish invasion of ’74.

During our stay, we witnessed the culmination of three decades of social transformation from a village-based agriculture and package holiday economy to an urban-dwelling white-collar services economy.

Recent events have put Cyprus on the world stage again, and sadly for another difficult crisis that will no doubt reverse this progression and change Cyprus for another generation to come.

When Cypriots meet it is still common for them to ask each other which village they come from. And, as weekend traffic attests, the pull of the village home to socialize with family over epic leisurely family meals is ingrained in Cypriot culture.

With this rural culture in mind, we chose these photographs, taken from 2009-2012, to quietly reflect the different seasons and terrain of the island. We’ve chosen pictures that are timeless as the recent crisis may well send the country backwards to its village roots.

traffic Courtyard_Lemba Donkey_afternoon winter spring Venetian_bridge sea