When in Rome

Doublewhirler recommends: Wine and Cheese (doodles)—a blog written by an American ex-pat living in Copenhagen. She applies her keen wit and sharp focus to cultural observations, parenting and everything in between. Funny, well observed and heartfelt, we look forward to her every post and hope you will too. Here’s one of our favorite posts with some useful tips on surviving one’s first year abroad. Enjoy!

Wine and Cheese (Doodles)

IMG_0319I’ve never been to Rome, but I have been around the block in a few different countries.  And I’m a mom, so doling out advice is in my job description.   So 2 plus 2 equals 12, right?  Often I will come across something which I tuck away in the over-stuffed, messy Filofax that is my brain to use later.  An anecdote, an experience, a panic-stricken moment of not knowing where to go as the train is pulling into the station, a look of blank incomprehension as I try to pronounce something Danish.  As we just passed our year-anniversary Copenhagen, I thought it would be timely to post my bits and pieces of advice for surviving your first year abroad.

Stop Doing Math
Remember sitting in trig class in high school and thinking, am I ever REALLY going to have to calculate the tangent of an angle??  (SohCahToa anyone?)  I…

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