Don’t Fence Me In


Camera: Canon, no retouching- it was that insanely green!

 Rowley, MA

Faced by a Monday which sees the office relocate from a vibrant and visually exciting part of Manhattan to a staid and comparatively sterile location (with suitable Orwellian-inspired decor and a longer commute to boot), we need to be reminded of what summer will bring. Summer holds the prospect of open skies and creativity. A new office is a dubious proposition at best. And, so after a spring which seems to have lasted only a few days, summer is just around the corner—we hope.

One of our favorite corners of the world is Massachusetts’ North Shore, particularly the marshes that stretch north from Cape Ann to New Hampshire. We return every summer and our release from this crowded dense city gives us an even greater appreciation of the quiet expansive vistas across the ocean and marshes.

We’ll be posting more this summer (along with reviews of our favorite clam shacks), but we’re starting to feel antsy waiting for summer so we’ve posted these as a teaser.


Camera: iPhone 5, Instagram Lo-Fi filter