A Taste of My Own Medicine


It has been just over a year since we’ve been back in the States, and I’ve made a point of avoiding the US healthcare system. Haven’t contacted my insurance company to find a PCP (primary care physician). Nada.

Until yesterday; a minor infection made me cry uncle and start going down the US healthcare rabbit hole. Coincidentally, it was the same type of infection that sent Tito, our formerly-feral cat, to the vet his first year in the States. Hmm, I thought, let’s do a little healthcare comparison. So I whipped up this infographic.

As I’ve mentioned before, returning to one’s native country can give a person a fresh perspective on their homeland. So I can imagine that if an alien beamed down and compared my medical care with Tito’s, the alien would conclude that obviously cats must be in charge in the US, possibly even considered higher life forms. Cats aren’t kept waiting, their time is valuable.

But this isn’t a rant about the waiting. Without sounding like my whiskers are out of joint, I think I’ve illustrated that more time, care and attention was lavished upon Tito. No (potential kidney) stone went unturned. Tito got to fly healthcare business class while I languished in economy—on the runway.

Creating my infographic made it clear. In the US it is possible to receive personal attention and to be treated promptly and thoroughly by a licensed doctor. If you’re a cat.