Northern Serbia—Into The Great Wide Open


The Vojvodina‘s horizon in Northern Serbia stretches far into the distance—far further than you would expect in Europe. Part of the Pannonian Plain, the flat lands that remained when the Pliocene Pannonian Sea dried out, the Vojvodina covers areas of Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

The only interruptions on the endless horizon are small scattered family farms, willows lining the banks of the waterways and rivers that crisscross the region and the occasional village. A church spire (both the Orthodox onion dome and the Catholic spire coexist here) serves as a beacon on this flat plain. Like the flat Yucatan peninsula in Mexico, any earthy lump or bump is an indication of man’s presence with a story (usually a battle) behind it.

And yet the emptiness, or perhaps the vastness, of the landscape is disorienting—as the miles fall away, you could be heading towards Boise or Budapest.