Weekly Photo Challenge: Abandoned

The abandoned bobsleigh run from the 1984 Sarajevo Winter Olympics serves as a haunting reminder of both the height of aspiration and accomplishment and the depth to which humanity sinks. For the ’84 games, Yugoslavia built wonderful winter sports facilities on Mount Trebević, Mount Igman and Bjelašnica.
While many of these facilities were destroyed during the Bosnian War of the early to mid-1990s, the bobsleigh run was repurposed as a shelter for snipers to fire down into the city.
In November 2006  I took my first trip back to Sarajevo since the mid-1990s and shot these pictures of the old bobsleigh run, now covered in graffiti. The drive to reach the bobsleigh tracks on the slopes of Mount Trebević provides stunning views back over Sarajevo and a point to reflect and gather perspective.
This somber chapter only adds to Sarajevo’s fascination as a city where religions, and regions meet and serve up a rich mix of culture, food and history; Sarajevo is a gem for any tourist willing to spend a few days visiting one of the most historic cities in Europe.