Off The Hook


And now a small tribute to the payphone, a contemporary artifact. These old school hefty beasts gave us the expression “off the hook” from the dangling handsets indicating to passersby that they’re out of service. In an era where car bodies and bumpers are made of plastic and fiberglass, the payphone is solid metal right down to its casings, levers, knobs, and buttons—even the phone cord is encased in metal. The phone company knew what kind of life on the streets their phones would be facing.

So here’s a little (dirty) love letter to the old fashioned payphone. I love that that they soldier on like modern day wooly mammoths, I love that they are one of the last familiar faces from my childhood, I love that they have seen so much life and I love their battered, scratched and worn patina (but no so much the stains of dubious origin).

To the payphone—see it before it goes!