Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold


The threshold where public space meets private space exists everywhere, from the doors of Timbuktu to the entrances of Italy. This transition is often the owner’s first chance to introduce themselves. In Puglia, a slightly less trampled-by-tourists corner of Italy, there was no shortage of personality in a variety of facades from ornate to humble. Italy being Italy, we’re sure there is a story behind every design choice. In our favourite entryway the cleaning bucket was colour-coordinated to match the curtains. Now that’s attention to detail. Or maybe just a love of the colour orange.

If you ‘d like to Doublewhirl your way around Puglia, you can:

See how some trulli amazing architecture seduced the iPhone  in Trulli Organic Architecture

Blunder your way with us into a local restaurant to be taken pity upon and fed by the chef in We’ll Have What He’s Cooking

Experience a big night out in a small town as everyone turns out for a fashion show in Fashion Al Fresco

The rivalry continues: iPhone v camera  serves up slices of Puglia