Double Vision, Gloucester, MA


I can’t resist a window series.  For almost 400 years Gloucester’s livelihood has been fishing. Now that’s all but gone and it’s in the process of reinventing itself. Walking through the downtown the windows tell the story of an old New England town trying on new looks. Part summer tourist draw, part Boston bedroom community, part artist colony, and part die-hard local, shop owners are finding their way forward as their windows reflect the town’s architectural and fishing past.

This picture of Destino’s sub shop window is my favorite. Not only do they make wicked awesome subs (and have done since 1973), but the windows capture the reflection of Our Lady of Good Voyage Church. Can you see what the Virgin Mary is cradling in her arms? Not the baby Jesus, but a fishing schooner.

We salute you, Gloucester, MA home of the Fishtown Horribles!