Remains of the Day

et_castle_bird_horzWe like the beach early. We like the beach late. We like to see what people have left behind. In these off-peak hours, we are sand castle archeologists exploring the remains of the day—the civilizations built from imagination and sand.



et_spiral2Long and flat beaches are perfect for building and not so perfect for avoiding the ravages of the tide. The constructions are not lofty or complex: no turrets, no seashell walls and no seaweed gardens. Instead, the focus is on defensive arrangements—moats, walls, barriers and obstacles—to deflect the oncoming waves. And, as one photo shows, even a heart-felt plea to beachwalkers and the ocean will not be enough to save the most elegant construction from its besieging watery foe (or marauding hordes—the urge to trample often proves irresistible).


Usually we’re only treated to the odd outpost; the inspired dreamer or budding engineer interrupted by the call home for dinner. But, on recent a recent archeological expedition, we found a mini civilization of castles and discarded tools facing their inevitable fate in the oncoming tide.


Parting shot: Surrendermp_sword