New York Fashion Week ’14—Featured: Black and White


Louise Roe checks out Fashion Week.

New York’s Fashion Week at Lincoln Center is a full on spectacle; part international fashion event, part crazy street theatre. Inside the venue, the adults determine the next year of a global multi-billion dollar industry. Outside in the plaza, the real magic takes place. This is where anyone can turn up and join the circus and anyone does. Many hopefuls come to be noticed as potential designers or models. Others come to report, photograph or blog. All needs are met—to be noticed or to take notice. Style, imagination and sheer persistence are the keys to joining this virtuous cycle of the observers and the observed.

Today, in a sea of color and preening peacocks, we kept it simple and focused on black and white.

Disclaimer: We are not fashion people, we’ve just always wanted to run away and join the circus. You will learn nothing about what is hot or not nor what’s coming up in 2015, but we hope you’ll enjoy the show!

bw_checked_single bw_tartan_single

bw_striped_vert_single bw_jewelery_pair bw_jewelery_single bw_lacey_single bw_pattern_pair

Parting shots: Black and white thinking


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