New York Fashion Week ’14—Featured: Colour


New York’s Fashion Week gained an extra gear as the Saturday crowd kicked in. This the best visual smorgasbord going and it is hard to resist the all you can shoot buffet. Yesterday we had our fill of black and white. Today, colour caught our eye whether it was solid strong colour or bold prints, these women brought their A game. While the men are no slouches, we will hold them for later.

Disclaimer: We are not fashion people, we’ve just always wanted to run away and join the circus. Instead, New York Fashion Week obliges by bringing the circus to us. You will learn nothing about what is hot or not nor what’s coming up in 2015, but we hope you’ll enjoy the show!

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red_dress red_turban green_dress_whitenecklace orange_flowerskirt yellow_dress pink_whiteshorts bluepattern_pants

Parting shots: The winners by a neck(lace).