Fall Training


Being a New Englander in New York means being fluent in the language of I-95, the Chinatown Bus, and, now that we can stretch to it, the train. The best part of the journey (and sometimes the only good part—sorry Amtrak, but you know your “track” record is crap) is out the window; million dollar views along the coast through Connecticut and Rhode Island emerge between the urban decay of Bridgeport, New Haven and points around Providence. The haves, the have-nots and everyone in between.

Travel the same route often enough to memorize the scenery and you start to make up stories to attach to the scenes: a bridge, a marsh, an empty factory. This has inspired me to manipulate my photographs  to create illustrations to accompany the stories I tell myself as the train whizzes,  crawls and stalls up and down the line.

This trip coincided with the end of the fall foliage “leaf peeping” season. For a winter’s ride on the rails take a look at Dashing Through The Snow.