Surf ‘n’ Turf

surfturfponypairA sunny spring Saturday brings everyone outside, bursting out of winter’s cabin fever, invigorated by the warming sun and fresh spring air. Walking across Good Harbor beach, I met two surfers completely shrouded in rubber for an early spring day in the water. Further along, four polo ponies were exercising on the wide open flat empty beach. The ponies were kicking up their heels as the surfers walked the beach looking for a good break.

Mrs. DW captured the horses with her ever-ready iPhone. My shots used my 30-year-old Olympus OM1N and Kodak BW400CN—a black and white film which can be processed in colour labs in the same way as Ilford XP2. Looking at the shots, I think that I prefer XP2. Have you tried both films? Which do you prefer?

surfturferpair surfturfencounter surfturfencounter2