Tattoo You


A tattoo once signaled an edgy image: disaffected, alienated, employees of fringe occupations or the armed forces. Now worn by dignitaries (Caroline Kennedy) and conservatives (Samantha Cameron), these badges of self-expression and creativity are firmly mainstream.

Worth $3.2 billion in the US and adorning 40% of Americans aged 30-39, getting inked is a burgeoning creative industry. And what do burgeoning creative industries love? Festivals.

Last weekend, Mr. DW was in Puglia, southern Italy, and decided to spend an afternoon at the Lecce Tattoo Fest. Lecce is beautiful city, known for its architecture and university. It boasts a strong artistic community that turned out for an afternoon of art, design, and inspiration. The “Fest” featured artists who demonstrated their skill on skin, walls, buses or any available canvas, as well as clothing designers, equipment manufacturers, merchandisers, and cosmetologists.

The enthusiasm was infectious and fun was had by all ages.

The photos were taken with a Leica M9 and Zeiss 35mm lens.