Top Dog






In New Zealand, where sheep outnumber citizens seven to one, sheep dogs are prized and dog trials are hot competition. Dogs are bred to be either Huntaways and Headers which basically describe their herding tasks. Huntaways are vocal dogs with a loud bark that will chase the sheep away, the Headers bring the sheep back. The Headers, or “Eye Dog” go to the head of the sheep and turn them by giving them a good strong stare. The  keen eye contact notifies the sheep that it is not supposed to run for its freedom. With a stare, a sheep will stop its movement and hurry back to the pack.

We caught up with the dogs and their owners at the Rotarua A&P show. What’s an A&P show? Check in with us on Sunday for a post on all things A and P.


In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “A Dog Named Bob.”