A Gentle Giant From Every Angle


Meet Max, an gentle giant Percheron gelding who stands over six feet at the shoulder. How do you capture the size and personality of this handsome boy?

This week’s photo challenge of capturing a subject “from every angle” was perfect: it was all I could do to get his large thoughtful head in the frame. Backing up to get him all in the frame took me way too far from my subject for my liking. Instead I focused on this feet—the size of dinner plates, his soft, probing eye, and his noble profile.

His owner tells me that he has a moose girlfriend who comes by. After capturing his long sloping schnoz, I’m not sure whether she’s attracted to his rugged good looks, or whether it’s a case of mistaken identity…

For bonus points, spot the fly that is bothering Max.


In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “From Every Angle.”