Brasilia—colours, textures and details


Think of Brasilia and you think of a brave new world carved out of the savannah; of modernism on a grand scale, but with a sense of disciplined space.

Architects Lucio Costa and Oscar Niemeyer designed the capital built in the 1950s and 1960s. Costa was responsible for the layout of the city and Niemeyer was responsible for many of the buildings and their details.

Niemeyer, designer of the Catedral Metropolitan de Brasilia and Igrejinha Nossa Senhora de Fatima, is the most famous of Brasilia’s architects. The buildings are reflective of Niemeyer’s use of modernism with curves.  Other architects also contributed to the flavour of the city—Carlos Alberto Naves built the Santuario Dom Bosco. Naves is a modernist without the sinuous lines of Niemeyer.

It is easy to focus on the eye-stretching scale of the city, but as I travelled around the churches of Brasilia, my eyes were drawn to the wonderful small details which make the buildings feel more human.  Even the wooden confessional feels warm and welcoming.  Click on the gallery below, or rollover for captions.