Victory in Cyprus: The Walkdown

The beautiful Med - 26 miles in the distance.

The beautiful Med – 26 miles in the distance.

You can't imagine how good this felt!

You can’t imagine how good this felt!

The Walkdown is a marathon distance orienteering race in Cyprus organized by the JSSU ( British Army’s Joint Service Signal Organization). Starting at the highest point on the island, Mount Olympus (6000ft), it finishes at sea level in Episkopi Garrison, home of British Forces Cyprus HQ.

The distance from start to finish by track/road/bondu is approximately 25 miles (if you know the way!), however there is no fixed route just four checkpoints that each team must pass through. Participants spend months ahead of time scouting routes down scree slopes and through vineyards and dried stream beds. Fancy dress (costumes) are encouraged and much thought is involved with team themes etc.

I, Mrs DW (Mr DW was a way and will never live it down), managed to turn the 40k/25 miles into 43k/27 miles due to some creative “short cuts” and finished in 8hrs 11mins. I rewarded myself with a dip in the Med afterward and was rewarded by the cool soothing waters and a gorgeous sunset.

In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Victory.”