All Washed Up

The tail end of Cyclone Victor blew over New Zealand last week “dragging its bottom across the country like a dirty old dog with worms drags its bottom across the carpet” to quote a morning breakfast show’s weatherman.

Best use of a simile we’ve heard in a long time.

Anyway, Victor “deposited” these gifts from the sea. These vibrant colors not only jolt us out of our New York winter black mode, but seem out of this world as well. The blue jellyfish is a pretty, but toxic, Blue Bottle (Pacific Portuguese Man O’ War) responsible for 10,000 to 30,000 stings in Australia every year.

What seaweed reminiscent of Audrey II from Little Shop Of Horrors? No idea. Needless to say we didn’t handle it to find out if it had a bite as well.

In response to the weekly photo challenge, “Vibrant“.