Narrow: The NYC Pocket Park


In a city where every inch counts, vest pocket parks, created from reclaimed lots, are micro oases. Between #254 and #258 West 71st Street, this nano sanctuary occupies the footprint of a 20-foot-wide brownstone condemned and demolished in 1969. Walk through the gate and down a brick path 80 feet to the back of the lot and you’ll find a few benches shaded by bamboo. Welcome to Septuagesimo Uno, your own secret garden and respite from the city.

Five benches on .04 of an acre may not seem like much, but in a city where bowling alleys are accessed by elevators, cars are parked in vertical lifts and even the carriage horses live stacked, we’ll take it.

View_in back_garden view_to_street

Weekly Photo Challenge: Between





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