Meet The Whirlers


Doublewhirler is a husband and wife currently living in New York City. Originally from New Zealand (him) and New England (her), New York brought us together, but a shared love of photography and getting the hell out of the city keeps the magic alive.

She’s a little bit iPhone, he’s a little bit camera obsessed.

Mrs DW was in-between cameras when she got her smart phone and hasn’t looked back. However, coming from a traditional print design and photo retouching background, she was reluctant to embrace the “easy shortcut” apps like Snapseed with its fancy schmancy filters, but was ultimately seduced.

Mr DW has always had a love of cameras and equipment; his interest spans from rediscovering the old to fully embracing the new—until he came up against the camera phone. He could stretch no further and that’s where Mrs DW and her trusty iPhone come in.

An iPhone v camera rivalry was born.

We’ve been featured on Japan Camera Hunter  and have been Freshly Pressed twice:


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