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Double vision, Lincoln Center

In the reflecting pool at Lincoln Center coins appear to be stars in the sky. A perfect opportunity for us to do a double take with our iPhone and camera.   In response to: Mirror

By Dawn’s Early Light—WPC

Getting up to shoot the sunrise always sounds like such a great idea. Until the alarm goes off. Today Mr DW used his Nikon D300 and Ricoh GRD4. Mrs. DW used her trusty phone… Continue reading

New York City Red White and Blue—iPhone v Camera

New York city marks 4th of July. We chose a visual coincidence in Soho and deliberate window display in the Upper West Side of the city as snapshots of the mood today. To see… Continue reading

Hats Off!

“Don’t forget to see the hats”, called my mother as we headed out the door to go to the horse races. Never ones to pass up the opportunity of a gathering that combines animals,… Continue reading


  Cemeteries are juxtapositions: places where time has ceased to matter to those who are there, but places where time is very clearly marked and important to those who visit. Māori consider that… Continue reading

Un-Seasonal Gatherings

Winter With “gathering” as a prompt, we decided to turn the challenge upside down. A snowstorm turned New York into a winter wonderland a few years ago, gathering the apartment-bound residents into one… Continue reading

Central Park Gold: iPhone vs. Camera

“The blue sky peeks at me quite far away Through the warm golden yellow autumn trees They look like gold placed against the blue day” From Golden Yellow Trees by Russell Sivey.  

Play Misty For Me—iPhone v Camera

Good Harbor beach on a misty summer morning. Shot with Olympus OM2 Spot Programme. 100mm F2.8 lens, and Kodak Portra 400 film.  All the shots were taken with spot metering, rather than aperture priority which… Continue reading

Girls Just Want To Have Fun: iPhone v Camera

Celebrating friendship on wordless Wednesday. Lunch Break, Rotorua A&P Show, NZ —iPhone Biker Girls, Brindisi, Italy—Leica M9  

Surf ‘n’ Turf

A sunny spring Saturday brings everyone outside, bursting out of winter’s cabin fever, invigorated by the warming sun and fresh spring air. Walking across Good Harbor beach, I met two surfers completely shrouded in rubber for an… Continue reading