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Play Misty For Me—iPhone v Camera

Good Harbor beach on a misty summer morning. Shot with Olympus OM2 Spot Programme. 100mm F2.8 lens, and Kodak Portra 400 film.  All the shots were taken with spot metering, rather than aperture priority which… Continue reading

Surf ‘n’ Turf

A sunny spring Saturday brings everyone outside, bursting out of winter’s cabin fever, invigorated by the warming sun and fresh spring air. Walking across Good Harbor beach, I met two surfers completely shrouded in rubber for an… Continue reading

Horsing Around With Herb Ritts and Snapseed

A weekend trip to Massachusetts produced two chance encounters: happening upon the Herb Ritts show at the MFA,  then driving north to Good Harbor beach and arriving just in time to watch some ponies kicking up their… Continue reading

Second Hand News: My Junk Shop Cameras

Charity shop cameras can be treasures or duds. A few weeks ago, a visit to my favourite charity shop netted two twenty-dollar cameras which came home in a brown paper bag. The booty: two Olympus OM1s—one… Continue reading

An Icy Glance

Olympus OM1N, 100 F2.8.

A Lesson in Discipline

We can resist anything except temptation. Shooting digital brings temptation—the ability to see immediately whether we nailed the shot and the ability to do it over (and over and over) again. For this… Continue reading

All Washed Up: Film Vs. Digital

On the West Coast of New Zealand’s South Island, the Southern Alps rise sharp and steep within a few kilometres of the sea. Fast rivers fed by snow carry trees into the sea where… Continue reading

It’s Always Sunny (F16) in New Zealand

Going home to New Zealand means that in addition to enjoying the glorious countryside that draws people from all corners of the earth and eating pie, I also get to wander down memory lane.… Continue reading

Rear View Mirror, 2014: iPhone v. Camera

  In 2014 our theme of iPhone versus Camera came to maturity. We were  delighted to receive so many constructive comments and to build a community of like-minded photographers, writers, artists and designers… Continue reading

Double Feature: Leica vs. iPhone

  Want to make a photographer’s heart race? Whisper, mention or scream Leica. Mr. DW has got his hands on a Leica M9 with a 35mm Zeiss lens. We decided to take a… Continue reading