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Dog Day Afternoon – Wordless Wednesday

  Basking hound, Riverside Park South, NYC 2017

Wordless Wednesday

Brindisi, Italy 2017

Photo Challenge: H2O

Now  that summer’s a memory and we’re hunkered down in the city for the next three seasons, this week’s  Photo Challenge: H2O gives us a chance to revisit our close encounters of a watery… Continue reading

When Ladies Wore Hats

“Don’t forget to see the hats”, called my mother as we headed out the door to go to the horse races. Never ones to pass up the opportunity of a gathering that combines animals,… Continue reading

Light Relief, NYC—Wordless Wednesday

Evening Walk—Wordless Wednesday

An Odd Bird—Wordless Wednesday

Sheila Berger, AVIS GLORIAE ET LAVDIS MMXVI, stainless steel, steel. Part of the Art Students League’s Model to Monument project, Riverside Park South, NYC.

Wordless Wednesday

Tag, Pier I Riverside Park, NYC 6/12/16

Ghostly Grove—Wordless Wednesday


Beginning and End—Wordless Wednesday