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Chess – Sarajevo Street Entertainment

Chess – regardless of season, weather or spectators – dominates Liberation square (Trg Oslobođenja) in downtown Sarajevo. An outdoor chess board with outsized pieces is in action throughout daylight hours. Spectators watch and… Continue reading



Faces In The Crowd

This week, Mr DW has snuck off for a Snit in Serbia (no, it’s not a metaphor—he really is enjoying a nice snit). In his absence I thought I’d pay a little tribute… Continue reading

Belgian Boot Camp

If it wasn’t for the long queue at the Victor Horta museum, I never would have noticed the lowly Brussels décrottoir or boot-scrape.  A quick trip to Brussels combined with a New Yorker’s nosiness for checking out… Continue reading

Because It’s Mined, I Walk The Line – WPC “Careful”

For this week’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful“, we could only think of reprising this post  from back when a day in the office was literally negotiating a mine field. I recently unearthed an old… Continue reading

A Gentle Giant From Every Angle

Meet Max, an gentle giant Percheron gelding who stands over six feet at the shoulder. How do you capture the size and personality of this handsome boy? This week’s photo challenge of capturing a… Continue reading

Because It’s Mined, I Walk The Line

Ever had the feeling that what you did years ago was more interesting than what you do now? I recently unearthed an old film from 1996 which shows a day at the office: on… Continue reading

Having A Field Day—The New Zealand A & P Show

Farming as a good day out? It can be some of the best entertainment in New Zealand. NZ remains a largely agricultural society and A &P shows (agriculture and pastoral shows) play an… Continue reading

Top Dog

In New Zealand, where sheep outnumber citizens seven to one, sheep dogs are prized and dog trials are hot competition. Dogs are bred to be either Huntaways and Headers which basically describe their herding tasks. Huntaways are vocal dogs… Continue reading

The Old Men and the Sea

Fishing remains a way of life in small Italian ports on the Adriatic Sea. In the early morning in Brindisi, fisherman return to port and work on their boats. The film has a yellow… Continue reading