What A Difference A Day Makes

Winter storm Nemo hit New York city last weekend. Waking up Saturday morning to brilliant sunshine, New Yorkers hit the park to frolic and, yes, take pictures. By Monday morning however, warm temperatures… Continue reading

2 February 2013 10:30 a.m.

Last day of the Mario Testino show, “In Your Face”. Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA

Paeroa, NZ—Battle of the Streets

Some towns are lucky if they’re known for one thing. Paeroa, pop. 3,900, on New Zealand’s North Island, is known for two things: a soft drink called L&P “World Famous in New Zealand”, (which… Continue reading

Riverside Park South—Rust Never Sleeps

In a New York winter sometimes you get a day right out of the box—bright, shiny and welcoming. Last Sunday, we answered the call of such a day and took a short walk… Continue reading

Sweating Bullets or: How We Came to Love the Dreadful

Between 1991 and 1993, an obscure Canadian action TV series was made. Entitled Sweating Bullets in Canada and Tropical Heat elsewhere, it was based on the adventures of the Hawaiian shirt-wearing ponytail-sporting private eye,… Continue reading

Olympus Mju—Revived, Revisited and Reviewed

In every camera bag, there is a forgotten camera. Going through mine, I found the Olympus Mju (film camera, 35mm lens, f3.5) which had not been used since 2001. Fortunately, I had taken… Continue reading


Living in a dense urban landscape has its ups and downs. And they change season to season. The recent cold snap is enough to make us nostalgic for the stench of summer. This… Continue reading

Re-Fresh: Who Doesn’t Like A Story About Beer?

Every day in the early ’90s, I drove through Apatin in the province of Vojvodina, Serbia.  Apatin is the home of the Apatinska Pivara where the beer Jelen Pivo is made. This is a… Continue reading

Things Are Looking Up—This Evening

In 2009, a work opportunity took us to a small island in the Levant. We found ourselves in a culture that could easily lay claim to originating the term “social network”. In the… Continue reading

People and Landscapes of The Sahel

With the start of French military operations in Mali and likely follow-on operations by African nations, I hope these photos give a sense of what the Sahel looks like.  These pictures are from Chad and Sudan… Continue reading