One Street, Two Blocks, Three Colors

It was a beautiful sunny winter’s day today and while New York is never dull, it can be drab. So while running errands I set myself a challenge: walking down one street, in… Continue reading

Grand Central Light

On any day, Grand Central Station in New York offers some great photo opportunities: architecture; people; trains; or, found objects.  My favourite is to photograph people as they walk through the sunlight that… Continue reading

Kafana restaurant, New York City

A few nights ago, DW ate at Kafana restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village.  The restaurant  bills itself as serving “authentic Serbian food”.  Having spent a lot of time in the various Balkan countries (Croatia,… Continue reading

Make that two beers

Miami Morning

A Lovely Lunch in Leith(ish)

Doublewhirler loves to eat. So when a chance to try out a relaunch of a seaside pub presented itself on a recent visit to Scotland we couldn’t say no. The Old Chain Pier… Continue reading

Thought for the day

If you don’t fail now and again, it is a sign you’re playing it safe. —Woody Allen

Tongariro Crossing

Blue Lake, alpine crossing