Afghanistan, 2002

In 2002, I was able to spend time in Afghanistan between August and October and to travel to Mazar-i-Sharif and Bamyan. The Taleban had gone (as it turned out, temporarily) and there was relative peace in most of the… Continue reading

One Street, Two Blocks, Three Colors

It was a beautiful sunny winter’s day today and while New York is never dull, it can be drab. So while running errands I set myself a challenge: walking down one street, in… Continue reading

Grand Central Light

On any day, Grand Central Station in New York offers some great photo opportunities: architecture; people; trains; or, found objects.  My favourite is to photograph people as they walk through the sunlight that… Continue reading

Kafana restaurant, New York City

A few nights ago, DW ate at Kafana restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village.  The restaurant  bills itself as serving “authentic Serbian food”.  Having spent a lot of time in the various Balkan countries (Croatia,… Continue reading

Make that two beers

Miami Morning

A Lovely Lunch in Leith(ish)

Doublewhirler loves to eat. So when a chance to try out a relaunch of a seaside pub presented itself on a recent visit to Scotland we couldn’t say no. The Old Chain Pier… Continue reading

Thought for the day

If you don’t fail now and again, it is a sign you’re playing it safe. —Woody Allen

Tongariro Crossing

Blue Lake, alpine crossing