Faces In The Crowd

This week, Mr DW has snuck off for a Snit in Serbia (no, it’s not a metaphor—he really is enjoying a nice snit). In his absence I thought I’d pay a little tribute… Continue reading

A Face Only A Mother Could Love

We came across this inventive “no trespassing” warning while hiking in the Τρόοδος mountains in Cyprus. Some farmer, high up in an obscure valley, augmented his elaborate barbed wire fence with this novel… Continue reading

Ghostly Grove—Wordless Wednesday


Bengal Tigers and Guerrillas

Sweating under a tropical sun in near 100 degree heat, Bangladeshi troops take a break during an exercise; a mock guerrilla attack on a defenseless village. We read the headlines and hear about the… Continue reading

Earthly Beauty

Spring, Cyprus Summer, Indonesia Autumn, NZ Winter, NYC Earth

Beginning and End—Wordless Wednesday


For the Weekly Photo Challenge: Admiration, I’m posting these stunning photos taken by my brother. I am inspired by his work, at times in awe of his eye and talent—admiration doesn’t come close. “The region… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday Window – Abstract

Windows from the abandoned Nicosia International Airport. For more views of this eerie airport, visit: Nicosia Airport—A Moment Frozen In Time   In response to the WPC Abstract


I get a little overwhelmed by boats, boatyards, harbors and all things nautical or marine. I don’t know my flotsam from my jetsam. So on a recent trip to Gloucester Marine Railways, “The Oldest Working… Continue reading

Wordless Wednesday

Puglia, Italy Inspired by Cartier-Bresson’s Madrid photo.