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The endless optimism of a cat waiting for fishermen to discard scraps as they sort the morning’s catch.  Shot with Ricoh GRD.

Hotel Ducor – The Abandoned Queen of West Africa

Abandoned, stripped and gutted, the Hotel Ducor looks out over Monrovia.  The hotel was built in 1960 with 8 floors and 106 rooms.  The hotel, run by Intercontinental Hotels, has played home to the… Continue reading

Bengal Tigers and Guerrillas

Sweating under a tropical sun in near 100 degree heat, Bangladeshi troops take a break during an exercise; a mock guerrilla attack on a defenseless village. We read the headlines and hear about the… Continue reading

Shadow Play

With what seems like days spent waiting in airports, the mind wanders and looks for any entertainment. Like 21st century shadow play, these silhouettes made for an interesting story. Illicit tryst? Reconciliation? Flying… Continue reading

Scotland—Signs o’ the Times

As Scotland turns out today to vote on the historic referendum for Scottish independence, we bring you these signs of the times from our Scottish correspondents. With the polls showing an almost even Yes/No split,… Continue reading

Member parking only

As seen outside the “Hat Club”, Soho, Manhattan.    

Double Vision, Gloucester, MA

I can’t resist a window series.  For almost 400 years Gloucester’s livelihood has been fishing. Now that’s all but gone and it’s in the process of reinventing itself. Walking through the downtown the windows… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Street Life, Sudan

This street life series was taken during the golden hour in Sudan as people make their way home at the end of the the day. The light at this time gives a magic to… Continue reading

Mali—Working the Desert Shift

During my time in Timbuktu, I spent a few days in the desert in the north-west of Mali. A Google image search of “life in the Sahara” brings up the romantic: photos of camel… Continue reading

All The Way To Timbuktu

Timbuktu is a name synonymous with the most distant place imaginable. Unfortunately its evocative name has most recently been linked to tragedy. In April 2012, Timbuktu—a historic and prominent center for Islamic scholars and… Continue reading