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Dog Day Afternoon – Wordless Wednesday

  Basking hound, Riverside Park South, NYC 2017

Friends Under Tension – Weekly Photo Challenge

Man’s best friend is easily distracted.  Shot with Leica M9, Ricoh GRD and Olympus OM 4 in Venice and Brindisi.

Dogs of Venice

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Tuesday afternoon, Sarajevo—stray dogs sleep in the shade of Saraci Street. We were first drawn to Sarajevo’s street dogs because they seem to come in two flavors: massive and shaggy like St Bernards… Continue reading

Dog Day Afternoon

A sunny afternoon and a chance for some macro photography with a couple of four legged fiends (and that’s not a typo).   Shot with Ricoh GRD4 on macro setting using in-camera black… Continue reading

Midday At The Oasis

Desert Dog lives in a camp far into the Moroccan desert. Tents circle a deep natural spring amidst a shady palm-fronded grove. Several families share the oasis which is a rare patch of… Continue reading