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Belgian Boot Camp

If it wasn’t for the long queue at the Victor Horta museum, I never would have noticed the lowly Brussels décrottoir or boot-scrape.  A quick trip to Brussels combined with a New Yorker’s nosiness for checking out… Continue reading

Thirsty Thursday, Ross, NZ

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

The threshold where public space meets private space exists everywhere, from the doors of Timbuktu to the entrances of Italy. This transition is often the owner’s first chance to introduce themselves. In Puglia, a slightly less trampled-by-tourists corner… Continue reading

Timbuktu: Doors Of Perception

What is it about doors and windows that make them irresistible to a photographer? Is it because is they are universal to every culture? No matter how rich or poor, hot or cold,… Continue reading

Arrivederci Puglia

Parting shots from a week in Puglia, Italy. We’ll miss the food, street theatre and unique beauty of the region. These aren’t necessarily the shots that capture these qualities, but they’re our favourites.… Continue reading