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Friends Under Tension – Weekly Photo Challenge

Man’s best friend is easily distracted.  Shot with Leica M9, Ricoh GRD and Olympus OM 4 in Venice and Brindisi.

On the Way

On the way,  North Island, NZ In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “On the Way.”

Tattoo You

A tattoo once signaled an edgy image: disaffected, alienated, employees of fringe occupations or the armed forces. Now worn by dignitaries (Caroline Kennedy) and conservatives (Samantha Cameron), these badges of self-expression and creativity are firmly mainstream.… Continue reading

Trulli Intricate: The Roofs of Alberobello

The dry stone work of the trullo houses in Puglia in the heel of Italy’s boot make gorgeous intricate patterns. The trulli’s sensual curves and unpredictable rhythms proved irresistible to a photographer; a… Continue reading

It’s Always Sunny (F16) in New Zealand

Going home to New Zealand means that in addition to enjoying the glorious countryside that draws people from all corners of the earth and eating pie, I also get to wander down memory lane.… Continue reading

Out the Back, NZ

Kia ora! It is time for our annual home leave down to NZ in time for the best of the summer weather. Normally this would mean a hiatus from blog world, but we’re… Continue reading

Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Tuesday afternoon, Sarajevo—stray dogs sleep in the shade of Saraci Street. We were first drawn to Sarajevo’s street dogs because they seem to come in two flavors: massive and shaggy like St Bernards… Continue reading

La Passeggiata—Brindisi

Tuesday evening, Brindisi, Puglia—the best-dressed locals step out for the evening ritual of la passeggiata along the waterfront. A chance to be seen, or just to sit and watch the passing street theatre.… Continue reading

Summer Silhouette

There are some sensations that immediately call up summer: the sound of a screen door slamming, the smell of sun screen and the chill of a bathing suit still damp from an earlier swim. These… Continue reading

In Amongst The Pohutukawa, NZ

Walk into a grove of Pohutukawa trees and you enter an enchanted forest. Both majestic and whimsical, these NZ natives conjure up images of Dr. Seuss’ Truffula trees or Tolkien’s Fanghorn forest, depending on your childhood literary leanings. This grove… Continue reading