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Surf ‘n’ Turf

A sunny spring Saturday brings everyone outside, bursting out of winter’s cabin fever, invigorated by the warming sun and fresh spring air. Walking across Good Harbor beach, I met two surfers completely shrouded in rubber for an… Continue reading

X-ray Specs or: A lucky break for Ilford Delta 3200 film

Returning to film is more than just picking up a film camera. There is also the choice of film. Another blog (Cooking Film) encouraged me to try Ilford Delta 3200. I read widely… Continue reading

Liberia Part 2: Sign of the Times

Ten years ago, I flew into Liberia in the wake of an agreement that ended the Liberian civil war. The country was a mess…devastated, ruined, but hungry for peace. There was a complete… Continue reading

Liberia Part 1: The Ten Year Round-trip

This weekend, instead of looking forward to another week in New York, I’m packing for a trip to Liberia. I was last in Liberia ten years ago as the Second Liberian Civil War ended… Continue reading