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Naked Ambition in Times Square

The “Disney-fied” Times Square has come under fire recently; scantily clad topless women posing for tips, and  costumed cartoon characters aggressively hustling tourists for a buck are accused of lowering the tone in… Continue reading

Only The Lonely

  Labor Day weekend in the States is a last call for a summer getaway. In New York this creates a quiet eye of the storm between the end of the summer tourist season and… Continue reading

Trap Shoot

Taking photographs around the harbor this summer has taught me a few lessons that apply to life as well as lobster traps. Solving visual problems is fun for me; tackling life’s knottier problems not so… Continue reading

Learning Curve

Last time I wandered around the shipyard at Gloucester Marine, the accidental abstract artworks jumped out at me. This time it was the curves that break up and make up the yard. Stepping… Continue reading

Double Feature: Leica vs. iPhone

  Want to make a photographer’s heart race? Whisper, mention or scream Leica. Mr. DW has got his hands on a Leica M9 with a 35mm Zeiss lens. We decided to take a… Continue reading

Ship Shapes

I get a little overwhelmed by boats, boatyards, harbors and all things nautical or marine. I don’t know my flotsam from my jetsam. So I simplify by focusing in, sometimes waaaay in. While Mr. DW… Continue reading

By Dawn’s Early Light

Getting up to shoot the sunrise always sounds like such a great idea. Until the alarm goes off. Today Mr DW used his Nikon D300 and Ricoh GRD4. Mrs. DW used her trusty phone… Continue reading

Your Moment of Zen, New Zealand

  Sometimes it’s not the beauty of a beach or coastline that soothes the soul, sometimes it’s just having it all to yourself. As we begin the frenetic summer beach season in the Northern Hemisphere,… Continue reading

Beating Around The Bush, New Zealand

Home leave has ended and deposited us back in our shoebox New York city apartment. What better way to shake off the anticlimatic return than to relive the great wide open of NZ through… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Threshold

The threshold where public space meets private space exists everywhere, from the doors of Timbuktu to the entrances of Italy. This transition is often the owner’s first chance to introduce themselves. In Puglia, a slightly less trampled-by-tourists corner… Continue reading