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Out of the Blue and Into the Black

Saturday 27 December 2014—the clear winter light throws sharp shadows delineating light from dark.  

Profile In Style

One photo, two crops. Cropping can enhance or detract from a photograph. Which do you prefer? Taken at NYC Fashion Week.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Humanity

Rush hour, Grand Central Station, New York.   Taken from Grand Central Light   In response to the Weekly Photo Challenge.

New York Fashion Week ’14—Featured: Black and White

New York’s Fashion Week at Lincoln Center is a full on spectacle; part international fashion event, part crazy street theatre. Inside the venue, the adults determine the next year of a global multi-billion dollar… Continue reading

Only The Lonely

  Labor Day weekend in the States is a last call for a summer getaway. In New York this creates a quiet eye of the storm between the end of the summer tourist season and… Continue reading

Are you ready?

Finally, a decision.    

Double Feature: Leica vs. iPhone

  Want to make a photographer’s heart race? Whisper, mention or scream Leica. Mr. DW has got his hands on a Leica M9 with a 35mm Zeiss lens. We decided to take a… Continue reading

Summer Lovin’

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Spring Has Sprung

I’ve had my eye on this tree as I start out each morning. During this interminable winter it seemed stuck in deep hibernation, occasionally festooned with a lacey snowy coat. Eventually I was… Continue reading

All I’ve got is this sunny afternoon

And I love to live so pleasantly Live this life of luxury Lazing on a sunny afternoon Sunny Afternoon—The Kinks At last —a sunny day in New York. Keeping with our iPhone versus… Continue reading