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What A Difference A Day Makes

Winter storm Nemo hit New York city last weekend. Waking up Saturday morning to brilliant sunshine, New Yorkers hit the park to frolic and, yes, take pictures. By Monday morning however, warm temperatures… Continue reading

Riverside Park South—Rust Never Sleeps

In a New York winter sometimes you get a day right out of the box—bright, shiny and welcoming. Last Sunday, we answered the call of such a day and took a short walk… Continue reading


Living in a dense urban landscape has its ups and downs. And they change season to season. The recent cold snap is enough to make us nostalgic for the stench of summer. This… Continue reading

Grand Central Light

On any day, Grand Central Station in New York offers some great photo opportunities: architecture; people; trains; or, found objects.  My favourite is to photograph people as they walk through the sunlight that… Continue reading

Make that two beers