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Friends Under Tension – Weekly Photo Challenge

Man’s best friend is easily distracted.  Shot with Leica M9, Ricoh GRD and Olympus OM 4 in Venice and Brindisi.

Dogs of Venice

Urban Tango

On warm summer Friday nights on a pier in the Hudson River, couples tango on a wooden dance floor laid for the occasion. Music is by portable stereo, but the energy and passion of… Continue reading

Play Misty For Me—iPhone v Camera

Good Harbor beach on a misty summer morning. Shot with Olympus OM2 Spot Programme. 100mm F2.8 lens, and Kodak Portra 400 film.  All the shots were taken with spot metering, rather than aperture priority which… Continue reading

The Old Men and the Sea

Fishing remains a way of life in small Italian ports on the Adriatic Sea. In the early morning in Brindisi, fisherman return to port and work on their boats. The film has a yellow… Continue reading

An Icy Glance

Olympus OM1N, 100 F2.8.

Old Friends, Best Friends

Broadway, Upper West Side, New York City  Shot with OM1N, Ilford XP2

X-ray Specs or: A lucky break for Ilford Delta 3200 film

Returning to film is more than just picking up a film camera. There is also the choice of film. Another blog (Cooking Film) encouraged me to try Ilford Delta 3200. I read widely… Continue reading

Liberia Part 2: Sign of the Times

Ten years ago, I flew into Liberia in the wake of an agreement that ended the Liberian civil war. The country was a mess…devastated, ruined, but hungry for peace. There was a complete… Continue reading

Liberia Part 1: The Ten Year Round-trip

This weekend, instead of looking forward to another week in New York, I’m packing for a trip to Liberia. I was last in Liberia ten years ago as the Second Liberian Civil War ended… Continue reading