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Going in for the kiss. New Year’s Eve, Serbia   Jubilant

The Spy Who Came in for a Snit

As a Balkans enthusiast, there can be few better ways to spend a weekend than staying in Belgrade’s landmark hotel reading classic spy novels by Eric Ambler. It is easy to imagine evil deeds being… Continue reading

Because It’s Mined, I Walk The Line – WPC “Careful”

For this week’s weekly photo challenge: “Careful“, we could only think of reprising this post  from back when a day in the office was literally negotiating a mine field. I recently unearthed an old… Continue reading

Because It’s Mined, I Walk The Line

Ever had the feeling that what you did years ago was more interesting than what you do now? I recently unearthed an old film from 1996 which shows a day at the office: on… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Window

Taking A Back Seat What to do when on holiday with three adults and only two front row seats to the road trip? The smaller one, the one with the little legs, drew… Continue reading

Northern Serbia—Into The Great Wide Open

The Vojvodina‘s horizon in Northern Serbia stretches far into the distance—far further than you would expect in Europe. Part of the Pannonian Plain, the flat lands that remained when the Pliocene Pannonian Sea… Continue reading

A Very Serbian New Year

Strangers are very definitely welcome. Our blog silence this week is because we spent New Year at a small country inn in Serbia’s Vojvodina Province. Although Serbia is an Orthodox country which plans… Continue reading

Sweating Bullets or: How We Came to Love the Dreadful

Between 1991 and 1993, an obscure Canadian action TV series was made. Entitled Sweating Bullets in Canada and Tropical Heat elsewhere, it was based on the adventures of the Hawaiian shirt-wearing ponytail-sporting private eye,… Continue reading

Re-Fresh: Who Doesn’t Like A Story About Beer?

Every day in the early ’90s, I drove through Apatin in the province of Vojvodina, Serbia.  Apatin is the home of the Apatinska Pivara where the beer Jelen Pivo is made. This is a… Continue reading

Kafana restaurant, New York City

A few nights ago, DW ate at Kafana restaurant in Manhattan’s East Village.  The restaurant  bills itself as serving “authentic Serbian food”.  Having spent a lot of time in the various Balkan countries (Croatia,… Continue reading