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Hot Fun in the Summertime

Perfect back arch against the sun.   Fun!

Looking Up – The Beach Is All Mine!

  Varna, Bulgaria, 5.30 pm, 28 June 2016.  Shot with Ricoh GRD4 Look Up

Wordless Wednesday

Summer Snaps, NZ

Only The Lonely

  Labor Day weekend in the States is a last call for a summer getaway. In New York this creates a quiet eye of the storm between the end of the summer tourist season and… Continue reading

Summer Silhouette

There are some sensations that immediately call up summer: the sound of a screen door slamming, the smell of sun screen and the chill of a bathing suit still damp from an earlier swim. These… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’ 2

Multitude and solitude—the joys of summer. Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’  

Summer Lovin’

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’

Remains of the Day

We like the beach early. We like the beach late. We like to see what people have left behind. In these off-peak hours, we are sand castle archeologists exploring the remains of the day—the… Continue reading