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Friends Under Tension – Weekly Photo Challenge

Man’s best friend is easily distracted.  Shot with Leica M9, Ricoh GRD and Olympus OM 4 in Venice and Brindisi.

Evanescent – Joy

In response to the weekly photo challenge, Juventus fans in Brindisi, Italy, celebrate the joy of victory.

Photo Challenge: Shine a light

In response to the weekly photo challenge. Shot with Nikon D300.

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Perfect back arch against the sun.   Fun!

Looking Up – The Beach Is All Mine!

  Varna, Bulgaria, 5.30 pm, 28 June 2016.  Shot with Ricoh GRD4 Look Up

Broken—Life During Wartime

Girls’ Dormitory, Sierra Leone, Civil War 1991-2002 Water Tower, Vukovar, Croatia, Balkan Wars 1991-1995 Timbuktu, Mali 2012—ongoingKidal, Mali 2012—ongoing Stripped for Parts, Nicosia Airport, Cyprus, 1974 Refugees, Liberia, Second Liberian Civil War, 1999—2003 Broken—the detritus of… Continue reading

Summer Silhouette

There are some sensations that immediately call up summer: the sound of a screen door slamming, the smell of sun screen and the chill of a bathing suit still damp from an earlier swim. These… Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’ 2

Multitude and solitude—the joys of summer. Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’  

Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

Beach detritus: Bottle top, a 20th century relic. All we are saying is: pick up your trash! Weekly Photo Challenge: Relic

In Amongst The Pohutukawa, NZ

Walk into a grove of Pohutukawa trees and you enter an enchanted forest. Both majestic and whimsical, these NZ natives conjure up images of Dr. Seuss’ Truffula trees or Tolkien’s Fanghorn forest, depending on your childhood literary leanings. This grove… Continue reading